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The Louis Vuitton family of wallets — like Sarah and Emilie — are very popular with women. The Clemence Wallet from LV is a part of that same family. It’s the distinctive LV look and feel to it and is a very viable buy alternative for those searching for something fashionable in addition to useful. In this Louis Vuitton Clemence Wallet inspection, we’re going to help you determine whether the wallet makes for a worthwhile purchase.What creates a good wallet? We believe that a fantastic wallet has to be tough and capable of holding your everyday things like cash, receipts, credit cards and small things including make up and your phone. It is a bonus if it is great looking. In the end, it should also be easy to carry, seeing as you want to take it with you wherever you go.So how can the Clemence wallet hold up? We’ll examine the primary characteristics of this wallet in this LV Clemence Wallet review to find out:It has become a habit of mine to really study the luggage that I own and make my mind up on whether they’re a fantastic purchase or not, and to pinpoint the positive and negative things about it. I believe it’s a fantastic way of knowing your wants and has to insure that another purchase would be more successful than the prior one.Although I mainly conduct bag testimonials on my blog (you can view my previous reviews here, here & here), now I’m reviewing a wallet. The star of this post is your LV JOSEPHINE Wallet that I’ve received as a present this Christmas. While I consider buying a high-end bag, I attempt to do an extremely thorough investigation about everything concerning this particular bag. From reading reviews to viewing videos until I’m 100% sure of the caliber I am likely to get, thus making the CONS after use a good deal less. However, because this Bag was a gift, I had no idea what to expect besides it being of very high excellent piece.