Best Louis Vuitton Dora MM Ultra Soft Bag Replica Online Sale

The Best Louis Vuitton Dora MM Ultra Soft Bag Replica feels more casual than its stiff-sided predecessor; The dimensions of the original Dora and the Ultra Soft version are the same (14.2″ W x 9.4″ D x 5.4″ H). the original Dora was a bag that you’d want to carry into some sort of high-powered business meeting, and this version, especially in lush burgundy leather, is a bag that could do double duty in the office and on the weekends.

The louis vuitton dora mm bag replica has been the brand’s marquee satchel, and now it’s getting a slouchier update. The Taurillon leather provides the bag with just the right amount of give to make it look like it’s not trying so hard, which is exactly the ease and versatility most customers want in a satchel of this size. It was the perfect tweak to expand the Dora’s potential audience.

It’s a louis vuitton dora bag replica that reflects how women actually live their lives, which has been one of Ghesquiere’s themes at Vuitton. I’ve always felt somewhat ambivalent about the original Dora, but I loved the Ultra Soft as soon as I laid eyes on it. Since arriving at Louis Vuitton for the Fall 2014 collection, creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere has overseen the creation of a handful of new handbag designs the company hopes will attract luxury louis vuitton bag replica who feel ambivalent about the company’s traditional monogram offerings.