Dita Von Teese Style: Dior Samourai Woven Framed Bag Replica Handbags Lowest Price

Dior Samourai Woven Framed Bag

Looking at the picture above and just make a wild guess which luggage belongs to the burlesque beauty. It would have to be the Globe Trotter Luggage and Louis Vuitton carry-ons trailing along behind her – I love it!

Dita was seen arriving at Roissy airport in Paris earlier this week. For the occasion, she’s carrying her Dior Samourai Woven Framed Bag.

Dior Samourai Woven Framed Bag

Made in a black basketweave leather with twisted trim. The shoulder straps are woven and have an approximate drop of 7 1/2″. The Samourai also features a matching Louis XVI picture frame tag with Dior logo, tortoiseshell frame top with rings and serpents, snap clasp, metal feet protect base of bag and a Dior logo jacquard lining. Measurments of this bag are about 9 1/2″ height x 12″ width x 5″ depth. Find it at Bergdorfgoodman.

images: justjared.com

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